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Aston Villa's linked players: Do they improve us?

Despite being in early days of the window it seems to have been a busy window already for Aston Villa, after completing the free signing of Ashley Young and Emiliano Buendia from Inter Milan and Norwich City it looks likely that the Claret and Blue side will continue to spend the big bucks. We will be going over both names touted with a move to Aston Villa and how they compare to current starters at the club.

Emile Smith Rowe:

With 1.7 Chances Creates and 4 Assists in his debut campaign the Croyden born man has rightly deserved praises from Arsenal fans and would be an exciting signing for Aston Villa were they able to get it across the line. With 2 bids already being made for the the England U-21s international it seems that Aston Villa are eager to add the Arsenal man to their already exciting attack. when comparing him to Aston Villa's current main Left Winger Anwar El Ghazi, Emile Smith Rowe creates 1.7 chances per 90 compared to El Ghazi's 1.5, he also has 4 more assists then the winger who disappointingly wasn't able to register a single assist in the most recent Premier League campaign. To add to this high level of creativity he would also have creation master Jack Grealish and Buendia who last season created 136 chances alone. I think for the right price this would turn out to be a brilliant signing for the present and for the future however see it highly unlikely that we could get a deal over the line.

Pape Sarr:

Pape Sarr is an 18 year old central midfielder who can also perform to a high standard in a defensive midfield role also, with a £27 Million price tag being reportedly set on him would he be worth it? when looking at Sarr the best player in which to compare him to would be McGinn who operates in the slightly more advanced role in Aston Villa's double pivot. When looking on the ball it isn't even a contest between the two midfielders, despite playing in a lesser squad Sarr manages to attempt 52.5 passes per 90, completing 44.9 when comparing to McGinn it shows a higher standard in Sarr's game with McGinn attempting 37 and only completing 29.4 per 90. With Sarr also completing more progressive passes per 90 with 14.2 compared to McGinn's 13.5. when coming to the defensive side of each of their games it also proves as a massive eye opener to how much Sarr would improve our midfield. With McGinn contesting more duels at 11.3 per 90 compared to Sarr's 11 per 90 Sarr is still managing more tackles made at 2.6 comparing to McGinn's 1.7, more interceptions with 1.5 compared to McGinn's 1.2 and more blocks with 0.3 to McGinn's 0.2 as well as contesting more ariel duels at 2.2 with McGinn's 1.9 whilst still having a better success rate at 63.16% to McGinn's pitiful 31.43%. All in all i believe that in what would be a £27 Million deal Sarr would still be a massive steal for Aston Villa, and with Liverpool sniffing around McGinn we could prove to make a smart move in offloading McGinn and buying Sarr for a profit.

Julian Alvarez:

The young Argentinian has been strongly linked with Aston Villa in recent weeks with some sources even claiming the deal is done, with Julian like Emile being targeted as a winger for Aston Villa I will be comparing his stats per 90 to those of Anwar El Ghazi. This season Julian Alvarez was able to conjure around 0.8 g/a per 90 despite his young age comparing to El Ghazi at a rate of 0.6 with the later also being assigned with penalty duties. With this quality output from Julian we wouldn't need to worry about the lack of goals or assists coming from the Argentinian, this is also why the Argentinian creates 2.6 chances per 90 to the Villa mans 1.5 meaning his all around creations is superior to that of El Ghazi's. Julian also seems to be the more clinical finisher with a conversation rate of 22.22% to El Ghazi's 20.41%. On the ball the same story is told yet again with Julian being superior to the Dutchman completing 2.1 take ons per 90 to El Ghazi's 1.5 at rates of 56.25% and 53.06% in favour of Alvarez. with this at the age of 21 we could see a much more consistent option in Julian Alvarez whilst also offering more in his all around play and with the £15 Million price tag that's rumoured it could be quite the bargain pull for the Villans.

As a whole I would like to see all 3 of these players signed but would prioritise the signings of Julian Alvarez and Pape Sarr with them looking better value for money and better options for the squad as a whole.

@Viilai_ On Twitter | Edited by The AVFC Faithful

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