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Michael Olise - The Most Wanted man in the Championship

Michael Olise is making himself heard with his performances so far this season. There has been interest around the young Midfielder and could find himself at the top tier before long. His performances have been consistent quality and a player thats put a shift in.

I have been watching back on some of his performances so far, and he has so many noticeable qualities. He has pace, amazing footwork skills on and of the ball, and plenty of creativity. I highly rate this player and I think he would benefit the experience of likes of our skipper Jack, would be a perfect role model.

Michael Olise has already had EFL player of the month (December 2020) at 19 years old. I have been doing stat research on this season alone, because he is already hitting his career highs at Reading. Per 90mins averaging

0.49 assist a game which is his all time best, Has had 8 Assists so far to thank for that. Shots on Target is 18% higher than our Skipper Jack albeit he has played 7 more matches and has bagged 4 goals to show for it.

I Have also done a comparison with Bertrand Traore as they have similar player ratings Olise (6.87) and Traore (6.79). Even though Bertrand Traore has played less minutes his stats are good to compare to see how far off Olise is from the Premier League. Interesting comparison is that Olise's xA Assist is at 3.64 compared to Traore which is at 1.96, and Olise's pass completion is at 82% to Traore's 80% Even though he has triple the completed passes total compared to Traore, this just shows that he is going to be up there with

best, and prove to be a top quality midfielder. Micheal Olise will need that support and quality around him to progress further and being at Villa will serve him well for his career.

I will conclude that Villa need snap up Michael Olise before other clubs start jumping on the band wagon, he would be suited at Villa he would benefit for his development and enhance his career to be a top quality Midfielder. Reading have made a very good player out of Michael Olise so far. With the newly signed Morgan Sanson inbound to Villa, We would have to wait until the summer transfer window to snap him up and probably off load one or two players to free up that wage budget. I just hope he stays at reading until then as there is a lot interest from other Premier League clubs.

(Stats provided by infogol)

James Pearce-Smith | Edited by The AVFC Faithful

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