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The Villans Insight | Chris Woakes

This is an interview I did with England Cricket Star, Chris Woakes. This Interview was done in our promotion season (2018-19)

Q: How did you become a Villa fan?

A: I became a Villa fan on the back of my old man being a life-long Villa fan....I had no choice, but I'm so pleased my dad forced Villa on me as it's in my blood and I would never see myself supporting anyone else!!

Q: What is your first memory of being a Villa fan?

A: My first Aston Villa game was in 1995, against Nottingham Forest, it was a draw but I just remember walking into Villa Park being in awe of the place, as a 6 year old.

Q: How often do you attend games at Villa Park?

A: I get to Villa Park as often as I can around Cricket games, but not as often as I would like as the International Cricket Schedule is pretty hectic, which means we are away from home a hell of a lot.

Q: Where do you think we wil finish this season? Any chance of a late Playoff push?

A: I think we have a great chance of making the playoffs now, We are in a great run of form. We have a very good team, in my opinion but having Jack back fit and firing is just invaluable to us as a team, he makes such a difference.

Q: Do you think that given time, Dean Smith is the right man to take us up?

A: I 100% think Dean Smith is the right man to take us forward. Villa man through and through. Local man, Deserves time and resources to take us back where we belong!!

Q: What's it like representing your country in Cricket?

A: Representing England is an amazing feeling! Hard to explain, but I never take any game for granted and try to play every one like it may be my last. It's a dream come true every time I wear the Three Lions.

Q: What is your best ever memory of being a Villa fan?

A: Best ever memory would have to be the two league cup wins in 1994 and 1996. I remember the 96 win better, and more vividly so maybe I'd say that game.

Q: What has been the favourite football match that you have attended?

A: Favourite game I've attended would have to be the FA Cup Semi Final against Liverpool, a few years ago. Shame that the final was one of the worst that I have attended.

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