About Us

Welcome to The AVFC Faithful's Blog/Website. Please feel free to look around. If you want to Join The Team, then fill out the form on that page. Check out our blogs, likes and comments are appreciated :)

The 'New Look' AVFC Faithful started in November 2018. It is a one man project, and has always been a one man project who manages the Instagram and the Twitter pages. The AVFC Faithful has been in some Twitter Controversy at times but looks to move forward from that with a more professional future.

Villa's excellent recent form has inspired me to take my page to the next level and look to the future, starting with this website. There are more things on the way, so watch this space...

DM's are open on Twitter and Instagram with the links on every page, please DM us with any blog ideas/or ideas/improvements for the page, or if you want to get involved with the management of the accounts/page.