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Aston Villa vs Manchester United - Fan Reaction.

A mismatched game filled with poor decisions and impressive goals against Manchester United fans has Aston Villa fans wondering what could have been had they had a little more luck on their side. Today I will be getting the reaction of 5 separate Aston Villa fans to see what they had made of the game.

I will be asking the opinions of the match with five questions for each Twitter user, these questions will be:

1. Opinions on the full 90?

2. We’re there any positives to take from the performance?

3. The negatives from today?

4. Man of the match?

5. Player ratings?

First I asked @Compsavfc_, answers here:

1. 'First 15 was all United, after that we grew into it a bit, but in the second half United were unreal and we all expected it, last few minutes were better from us but not good enough again.'

2. 'Nah not really.'

3. 'Ollie will be a big miss, and another lead threw away, these last few games are like last season Villa, constantly throwing them away.'

4. 'Cash, considering he had to deal with Pogba and Shaw by himself most of the game he did incredibly well, honourable mentions to Targett and Traore.'


'Emi: 7

Cash: 9

Konsa: 8

Mings: 6

Targett: 8

Luiz: 6

Mcginn: 7

Traore: 8

Barkley: 4

El Ghazi: 6.5

Watkins: 6.'

Make sure to follow him on Twitter @Compsavfc_.

Next in line to give their reaction was @VillaVisionBen, Answers here:

1. 'I thought we were very very good. Solid defensively until the penalty, but that kinda made our heads drop a bit.'

2. 'There were plenty of positives to take, we scored a great goal and we played some very very slick football. We looked quite dangerous and Bertrand had his best game in a while.'

3. 'I thought the penalty was very poor, and I always thought that we were at times quite poor and weak in the midfield while defending, felt that Watkins was quite often very isolated.'

4. 'My man of the Match personally would be McGinn he was everywhere today and was the main reason for our goal. He was very important to us today.'


'Emi: 6

Cash: 5

Konsa: 6

Mings: 5

Targett: 7

Luiz: 4

McGinn: 7.5

El Ghazi: 5

Traore: 7

Barkley: 4.5

Watkins: 6.'

Make sure to follow him on Twitter @VillaVisionBen.

The next to give their reaction was @1847Adam, answers here:

1. 'Think overall the performance was just below par, we matched them for the first 45 and then failed to challenge in the second half. feels like we completely stepped off the gas.'

2. 'Positives are pretty minimal but i think we can take away a decent performance in the first half. again Martinez, Konsa and Targett putting in good shifts.'

3. 'Silly mistakes cost us. Luiz making an unneeded challenge in a dangerous area whilst Mings being overly aggressive has left him way out of position.'

4. 'Think it’s probably between Mcginn and Targett, difficult to give it to one over the other.'


'Emi: 7.5

Cash: 7

Konsa 7.5

Mings: 6.5

Targett: 8

Luiz: 6.5

Mcginn: 8

Barkley: 6.5/7

Traore: 7.5

El ghazi: 6.5/7

Watkins: 7.'

Adam also added: 'I didn’t wanna mention the penalties, people have this idea that it makes the result unjust because we were done out of at least 1 pen but that doesn’t cover up a mediocre, at best, performance.'

Make sure to follow him on Twitter @1874Adam.

Next up with their reaction is @Jamesavfc__, answers here:

1. '1st half very good, great pressing and played some good stuff. 2nd half one stupid mistake and we completely folded, our concentration just seem to have went.'

2. 'Yes. Konsa was very good. Played good football at times. Great finish and brilliant pressing by Mcginn to win the ball back for the goal.'

3. 'Stupid errors which cost us the game and poor officiating.'

4. 'Konsa.'


'Martinez: 7

Cash: 6

Konsa: 8

Mings: 6

Targett: 7

Luiz: 5

Mcginn: 7

Traore: 7.5

Barkley: 6

El Ghazi: 5

Watkins: 5.'

Again, make sure to follow him on Twitter @Jamesavfc__

Finally I had asked @AVFCFaithful_, answers here:

1. 'Overall I thought we were ok, we didn't put in the perfect performance like I thought we did last week at Goodison but it was a 'decent' performance. I thought some of our build up play was really good and confident.'

2. 'I think the positives are that we got the ball down and played some decent stuff against a very good side, and probably just edged the game before their equaliser.'

3. 'The officiating. Less said the better. Thought all of the goals were avoidable and all down to individual errors that we are yet to cut out of our game.'

4. 'MOTM has to go to Targett, thought he was magnificent today.'


'Emi: 7.5

Cash: 7

Konsa: 7.5

Mings: 7

Targett: 7.5

McGinn: 7

Luiz: 6.5

Traore: 6.5

Barkley: 6.5 El Ghazi: 6.5

Watkins: 6.5.'

Obviously, follow him on Twitter @AVFCFaithful_.

A personal mini roundup (@AVFC__Alex on Twitter):

All in all it is an extremely mixed bag on who was the best performers and what the positives in the game was, personally I believe the performance rounded up Aston Villa in recent months. We started slow, had periods of domination but in the end no matter what we did we just wasn't good enough; whether that was due to the lack of good finishing or lack of creativity is still up in the air but in reality it is both. Once again we had struggled to make anything off of set-pieces and that was shown mainly by a horribly hit Free Kick from Barkley and even though there was a part played by poor decisions from the Referees, the way that we dealt mentally with the decisions going Manchester United's way was appalling and should we want to reach the standards of European Football, we must improve our mentality as a squad and how we deal with things going against us. As a whole, an inconsistent performance and a sign of improvements that need to come.

My player ratings:

Emi: 7

Cash: 7

Konsa: 7.5

Mings: 7

Targett: 7

McGinn: 6.5

Luiz: 6

Traore: 7.5

Barkley: 5 El Ghazi: 5

Watkins: 6.

Finally make sure to follow everyone on Twitter, here is their @'s:







(@AVFC__Alex on Twitter)

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